You Can Change!

YOU CAN CHANGE! You can change any behavior that’s hindering your peace of mind, however, the cultivation of new behaviors can only make sense if you have a clear picture of your old behaviors.  So that’s where we must begin! It starts with taking an HONEST self-assessment of the thoughts (or your story) that are …

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Chasing Happiness

Lets talk about happiness… The biggest false belief about being happy is that happiness depends on something we don’t have in our life right now (i.e. I’ll be happy when I find love, get the job, the degree, the car, etc.). This is called “conditional happiness”, which has become one of the main reasons why people are …

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Rise Up!

It’s the day after Easter, and here are my takeaways/inspiration from a special day each year that reminds us to “Rise Up.” How do you overcome and move through a process of transformation? I want to remind you that we all have the power to rise up when life knocks us down. So, how do …

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