Be Here Now

These three words are exactly what we must live by and practice during these tough times.
This will not be easy, but will be essential in order to maintain our own inner peace & sanity.
Be in the moment you are in now!

Here are a few of the common worries/questions that we don’t have the answers to right now, which will pull us out of the present moment and create unwanted stress and anxiety:

  • How long is this gonna last?
  • Will I survive financially?
  • Will I get sick?
Are these valid questions? Yes, absolutely!
But how much time and attention are you giving these same worries over and over again?
All of our stress and anxiety comes from wanting the moment to be something that it’s not. It comes from living in the past and time traveling into the future, often worrying about things that never even happen.

If we want to transform, gain strength, find inspiration and come out of this challenging situation a better person, we must be able to stay in the moment, no matter how hard that moment might be.
Just for today try to stay in the moment. Be here now. You got this!


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