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You Can Change!

YOU CAN CHANGE! You can change any behavior that’s hindering your peace of mind, however, the cultivation of new behaviors can only make sense if …

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Lesson From The Ocean

LESSONS FROM THE OCEAN 🌊 I always knew the ocean was my teacher but never put myself in a position to be in class on …

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Your Past Doesn’t Equal Your Future

Some of your beliefs, and the stories you’ve been telling yourself are no longer there to support you. They’re actually keeping you stuck in a …

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Chasing Happiness

Lets talk about happiness… The biggest false belief about being happy is that happiness depends on something we don’t have in our life right now …

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Rise Up!

It’s the day after Easter, and here are my takeaways/inspiration from a special day each year that reminds us to “Rise Up.” How do you …

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“Presence Over Presents”

Happy Holidays! Do you struggle being present around family during the holidays? If so, here are five tips to help you give the gift of …

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