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Kindness Matters!

I believe that the reason we are on this planet is to connect and engage with others and do it with kindness and compassion. Not …

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Do The Work!

“The Work” Last weekend in Phoenix, I attended a personal development workshop called “The Work” led by Byron Katie. “The Work” is a way to …

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Happy New Year!

This is the time of the year to get rid of all the unnecessary things in your life and start life afresh! Take time to …

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Presence over Presents

Regardless of our religious beliefs, we often arrive into the holiday season in the spirit of reflection and celebration. Many of us are also entering …

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Attitude of Gratitude

I wanted to take time to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m often talking about the importance of having a gratitude practice, so this …

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Why We Need Mindfulness

Many people go their whole lives with zero relationships to the ONE Thing that gives them life: The BREATH! What if I told that learning …

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