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What Are You Running From?

Most of us spend our lives at the surface, buzzing around the world, working in endless circles. We move from place to place, from person …

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Five simple breathing exercises for kids (and adults)

  Many people will go their entire life with zero relationship to the one thing that gives them life: THE BREATH! However, just because we weren’t …

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Racism Is A Pandemic

On June 1st 2020, I said that I would mute myself on social media, blogs and newsletters until June 7th. My intention was to amplify …

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Happy Easter Everyone! Whether you choose to celebrate Easter or not, today offers all of us the opportunity to rise up to a higher version …

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Motivation Monday-Attitude & Perspective

Hey Everyone! I want to remind you that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the most challenging times. If you are having a tough …

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**PLEASE READ** A Letter from Yale Epidemiologist

Hey everybody, Donny here. I wanted to pass along some powerful information in the form of an email letter from a Yale Epidemiologist. For the …

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