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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life In order to change the way we’re living, we have to change the way we’re thinking, and in order …

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Does Your Child Need A Life Coach Right Now?

I coach a lot of teens and kids in their early 20’s, and what’s become very apparent is many of them are struggling bad right …

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Be Here Now

BE HERE NOW These three words are exactly what we must live by and practice during these tough times. This will not be easy, but …

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I know you are worried…

We are in this together 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Nobody is immune to the current state of the world. This will bring out the worst in some, but …

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10 Free Meditations For Tough Times

These “10 Meditations For Tough Times” are for anybody who’s looking for more inner peace & calm, less stress & anxiety, and an overall healthier …

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Hello Friends, I want to take an opportunity to talk about everything going on with the coronavirus and the impact it’s having on our outer …

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