Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

In order to change the way we’re living, we have to change the way we’re thinking, and in order to change the way we’re thinking, we have to actually notice what we are thinking about. This is where the power of meditation comes in. This is how we shift our mindset! Changing your mindset takes time—but it is possible if we are willing to practice meditation.

Before the coronavirus and this long “life pause” that we are all in, many of us were going at a very fast pace, seeking, striving, rushing to check that next item off on the “to do” list. We were never actually taking time to pause, slow down and get quiet enough to sit and think about what we’ve been thinking about.

In many of the meditation practices, you are told to focus your attention on an object of your choice. It could be your breath, it could be a mantra, it could be a chakra, it could be a feeling—anything. Then, whenever your attention wanders away, you simply bring it back again and again, as many times as it happens, and that will develop the “muscle” of awareness and mental strength.

Now let’s apply these meditation skills to your daily life.

As you go about your day and are noticing that you’re believing in a story that’s not true, or having thoughts that are not serving you, it is NOW when you create a new mindset, a new way of looking things that is helpful for you. It’s all about when you notice it happening, and then what you do next is the key!  Maybe it’s taking a deep breath, maybe it’s a word or affirmation, or maybe you have an “anchor” (a physical object like a ring, bracelet, sticky note, or anything else that can serve as a pattern interrupt). Thus you apply this skill of meditation and again and again. And this is how the use the practice to live a better life.

Can you see how the change happened from the inside-out? All that arises starts with our thoughts. Our thoughts create our perspective, and how we choose to see the world. And if we continue to live in those limited thoughts and beliefs, they turn into behaviors and actions that don’t serve us or the world. This is one thing we DO have control over, and we gain more control by our willingness and commitment to practice!

My hope is that you’ll take time each morning to pause, sit and meditate, even if it’s just for a couple minutes, because it’s all about consistency! You are better off meditating every day for 3 minutes, then twice a week for 10 minutes. It’s a practice!  And remember, whatever we practice WILL grow stronger!

So just for today.. Start and stick with a practice that allows you to have more focus, better perspective and an inner strength to help you navigate through these challenging times!


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