Chasing Happiness

Lets talk about happiness…

The biggest false belief about being happy is that happiness depends on something we don’t have in our life right now (i.e. I’ll be happy when I find love, get the job, the degree, the car, etc.).
This is called “conditional happiness”, which has become one of the main reasons why people are depressed these days.

The way we feel right now SHOULD NOT be a result of what’s coming in the future. This is a hook that will always have us hijacked from the present moment, and never allowing what’s happening now to be enough for us.

Here are 3 simples ways to find more happiness in the now.
1. Find more present moments through the practice of meditation & mindfulness
2. Practice gratitude
3. Trust the process & let go of your attachment to outcomes

Reflection for today..
How can I be happy today, no matter what external events are happening in my life?

Big Love,


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