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I want to take an opportunity to talk about everything going on with the coronavirus and the impact it’s having on our outer world, in hopes that it doesn’t do too much damage to our inner world. We’ve already begun to see how this pandemic has started to take away our pathways of human connection. Music festivals, employees required to work at home, sporting events, company retreats.

So yes, it breaks my heart to see what’s happening. I know the importance of human connection and the impact it has on all of humanity and our wellbeing. I understand that people are now going to have even more time to look at their Iphones, live on social media, read all the news and go down deep into the rabbit whole of fear, stress, distraction and anxiety.

But taking that route is still a choice. And it’s a choice I do NOT recommend. That is such a slippery slope and pray we humans choose another path.

So what are we going to do about it? I know for me I must practice what I preach.

For me this all starts with controlling what I can control. This means staying present and understanding what must be in place today, so I can be prepared tomorrow.

The moment we start trying to control something we can’t is the moment stress and anxiety will take over.

If the stress and anxiety triggers of our modern life weren’t enough, we now have all the triggers caused by the constant news and public panic regarding the coronavirus.

So it’s now more important than ever to use the tools, or be willing to now learn.

The hard truth is that sometimes things have to get so bad, that we finally become willing—willing to learn, willing to grow, willing to service- and doing it through whatever means work best for you.

if you have been in the practice of meditation and your personal development, these challenging times are a great opportunity to take the skills and qualities you develop through meditation—such as serenity, equanimity and acceptance—and practice them in your daily life.

If you have not been in the practice, you have two things on your side. More time to learn, and technology, like Google, YouTube, Podcasts and so many other resources to start picking up a few tools to help navigate you through these tough times.

We can use this time to work on ourselves, grow as a person, meditate more, and spend quality time with people we care about.

It’s also a great time for reflection about what truly matters in our life.

Yes, We need to be intentional and careful, but we definitely should NOT panic.

Yes, we need take care of our hygiene, our health, our mind and our families.

But WE DON’T NEED TO PANIC. That will not help. What that will do is weaken our immune system (which is not a good idea right now)…

One thing we need to realize is that we are all together in this sticky situation.

Taking care of yourself is taking care of the other, and taking care of the other is taking care of yourself. You are not alone in this!

Going through challenging times, suffering, getting knocked down is what connects us as humans. This is the essence of common humanity.

Keeping this mindset and your own mental health solid is so essential.

This means knowing how to manage the stress and anxiety of this situation, remaining calm, and staying positive.

This not only makes you feel better but is also proven to boost your immune system—thus making you stronger against viruses.

Continuous exposure to stress, negative emotions and anxiety is known to weaken your immune system. This is a fact. So now that you know this, it should be very clear what must be in place to meet today’s mess with grace.

As a teacher and coach, I knew I had to say something. This is what’s on my heart. I know many of you are having a tough time and already feeling a financial impact from what’s going down. I know many of you are scared, and don’t know what’s to come next. I get it and am feeling it too.

But my hope is that you will dig deep, find strength, be willing to use the tools, or start learning what those tools are. I am here to help anyway I can.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will get through this, and that what’s happening right now is happening for us, not to us. I know that may not be easy to see today, but it’s the perspective we all must have in order to not give our power away to something we can’t control.  Just for today, please just control what you can control. Control your internal response to what’s happening outside of you.

Because inner peace is what gives us true power.

Take a breath, stay calm, and find a way to be a leader through these times.

I am committed to keep blogging consistently, provide guided meditations and yoga videos and making myself available to anybody who needs support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime!

Sending big love all around the world!



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  1. So eloquently expressed. Thank you so much, Donny. I’ve been out of the country for a week and returning today to an uncertain chaos. I have been so looking forward to coming back to your classes. I just found out minutes ago that Moksha will be shuttering and immediately thought of reaching out to you to see if you have any videos I can use to practice at home like I do with you in your classes. I will be staying close to your blog and I’m so grateful for you and your guidance. Namaste. Sending peace and health to you and all my fellow people. I will miss my classroom community but we will all be together in spirit.

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