Does Your Child Need A Life Coach Right Now?

I coach a lot of teens and kids in their early 20’s, and what’s become very apparent is many of them are struggling bad right now! And their struggle is now affecting everybody, and anybody close to them.
However, on this week’s coaching calls with my younger clients, I’ve seen some powerful breakthroughs and am blown away by how willing and awake they actually are. These breakthroughs have now led them to building a solid roadmap to use this time wisely, stay strong mentally, and even be of service to their parents and siblings. It’s been SO COOL to witness, watch unfold, and exactly why I’m writing you this message.

Having somebody (other than their parents) in their corner to support them is going to be so crucial right now! But, what’s even more crucial is making sure they have someone who will also stretch them, keep them accountable, and provide them with tools and practices to stay focused on a plan of action as their life gets put on hold.  I can’t stress how vital this is for them and your entire household!
It’s been on my heart to share this offering with you because of what I’m seeing and hearing from our younger generation. Providing our kids with the tools and practices that we never got when we were their age is an absolute GAME CHANGER!

Regardless of your age, I am here for you if you need coaching. It’s going to be so important to have multiple layers of accountability and support as we work through these challenging times.
The reality is that most of us are going to have more time than we’ve ever had before.
So, what are you going to do with that time? How are your children going to spend their time?
My hope is that we all can learn, grow, and do the work to come out stronger as a family when this is all over!


If you are interested in talking more, please email: 
I also have multiple parents who I know would be happy to share their experience with my coaching program. 

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