Elevate Your Purpose Mastermind

Elevate Your Purpose is a high-level intensive specifically designed for people who are ready to take the next step in their purpose so they level up in their career, personal finances, and have more connected, deep, meaningful relationships.

Who is the Elevate Your Purpose Mastermind For?

Elevate your purpose is specifically designed for people who are ready to take the next step in leveling up their lives so they can have a greater impact on the lives of others, create success that is sustainable, yet evolves and grows, and build a legacy that will benefit others for years to come.


Get the ongoing support and account we all need to reach the next level.


This is the greatest lack hack ever. Contribution.


When people reach a certain level of success, they start to value relationships more than money

Meet Your Guides

Breathwork With Colter

Breath of Life Activation with Colter Smith will help you elevate your consciousness. Learn more about the work you’ll be doing with Colter during the Elevate Your Purpose Mastermind.

What's Included?


2 one-on-one sessions with Donny
per month


2 Transformational Breakthrough Sessions with Breathwork, Energy Connection & Intuitive Guidance, Sessions with Colter (Pre & Post Integration)


Monthly Group Breathwork Session (trauma release, spiritual connection, vision)


Monthly Group Elevate Gathering


You get a 3-day luxury retreat spot included in your Mastermind where you'll work with Donny and Colter in-person!

What if I told you that reaching your full potential doesn’t involve achieving anything outside of you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate Your Purpose is a high level intensive specifically designed for people who are ready to take the next step in their purpose so they level-up in their career, personal finances & have more connected, deep, meaningful relationships.

We have mastermind members joining us from all over the world. Because most of our coaching and group sessions are virtual, anyone from anywhere can attend. All are welcome here! 

This is a 6-month program that you can join at anytime. Because of the intentional system and steps created in “Elevate Your Purpose” members are welcome to enter the program whenever they are ready. 

Lots of personal development with topics such as: self-love, self-confidence, boundaries, creating a purpose statement, service work, meditation, mindfulness, communication, and much more.
*We do not focus on your problems. We focus on the purpose that your life was made for. 
*This is not counseling. It is a conversation among people that look at life seriously and believe they were made for impact. 
*Expect plenty of guest speakers, inspiration, stories, pictures, accountability and engaging conversations. 
*You have the option of bringing up any topics you would like to discuss, but you will not be asked to share personal stories from your life during the meetings. 
*After you see your life differently, you will see your problems differently. We will give you tools for your problems after you see them as an opportunity. 

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