I will do anything to help…

“I will do anything to help you not go down the same road I did.”

This quote by me is something I must stay anchored in every single day of my life.  Why?  Well, how dare I not? How dare I not share what was so freely given to me?

My past addiction used to bury me in guilt and shame, but today it’s my best asset. When I stop and think about that for a moment, it’s actually quite mind blowing because I made some very poor decisions in the depths of my addiction. I was selfish and self-centered and had no regard for the pain I was causing the people closest to me.  My addiction led me down a path of self-destruction and almost took my life. So how could it possibly be my “best asset” today? Well, I was able to find a way out. I’ve been able to stay sober, and my past has given me an access to point to a greater purpose in my life. My mess has become my message! I can actually help others by sharing my story, which allows them to feel like they are not alone, and gives them hope that there is a way out. Still to this day, that blows my mind.

I know that in order to keep what I have today, I must give it back away. The level of my freedom and purpose is based on my willingness to serve and help others. And it’s often not even through the message of recovery. However, I do believe we all are recovering from something, and part of being human is that we all will suffer, face challenges and go through tough times. So, what if you knew that your story could help others? How would that knock down the walls of shame and guilt from your past?  What if you knew that the very thing that brought you to your knees, could help others heal and find hope?  I’m telling you with zero doubt that this is the way out from anything that might have you stuck.

There is no way I’d be where I’m at today if I wouldn’t have shared my story. In addition, I’ve witnessed, coached and mentored so many others step into their truth by doing the same. The time of pretending that we’ve “got it all together” is over. People want to relate to other people. And perfection isn’t relatable. In fact, it’s far from real and not even possible.  People want that human connection. It’s what we all yearn for! So when somebody feels like they’re not alone, and that you understand what they’re going through, it allows them to connect, heal and move forward. This is the tie that binds us!

The reason I led this blog with my quote is because it’s my reminder of why I’m here. If I stop helping others, things are going to get messy very quickly. Today, it’s a duty and my responsibility to step up, show up and help others. And in all honesty, it’s not at all about trying to be portrayed as this “good guy.” It’s actually a selfish move on my part. Because when I’m in my purpose, I am free! And if I think back to my “rock bottom,” I was far from free and about to die. I don’t ever want to go back down that road again. And I don’t have to, and you don’t either!

There is a way out. And the  path is through helping others, being of service, sharing your mess and doing anything it takes to help a person not go down the same road you did.  This is what gives us life! This is our purpose!






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