Kindness Matters!

I believe that the reason we are on this planet is to connect and engage with others and do it with kindness and compassion. Not only with our family and loved ones, but with all the other people we encounter throughout our day: students, customers, waiters, flight attendants, teachers, doctors, mechanics, and the people in line with us or walking on the same street as us.

We have a choice every day whether we greet other people with a smile and genuine connection, or with rudeness and disengagement.

Let me remind you again…This is a choice!

With that being said, here are a few simple ways we all can show up in the world with more kindness and compassion:

  • We can put the phone down and converse with the person ringing up our groceries.
  • We can give a sympathetic acknowledgement to the mom whose child is crying on the airplane.
  • We can ask our students or coworkers how their day is going– and really mean it, and truly listen to their answer!
  • We can be patient when waiting for others and gracious when waiting on others.
  • We can smile at a stranger.
  • We can listen more than we talk.
  • We can empathize more than we judge.

We may never know if our actions were so important as to literally save someone’s life, but we all have the opportunity to save someone’s day. We all have the opportunity to act with kindness and compassion, and it’s these loving actions that will start to change the world!

Big Love,

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