Lesson From The Ocean

I always knew the ocean was my teacher but never put myself in a position to be in class on the daily. Times have changed, and I’m now in an environment to learn from the magic of this healing water every single day.

So, what am I learning?
– Be like water, strong yet calm, steady yet flexible and fluid.
– While storms may visit, they never last, and calm waters will always rise above.
– Nature heals and getting outside each day is essential for my soul.
– Life is ever-changing, aggressive, persistent, yet calm and beautiful.
– God is everywhere.
– Keep going inward.
– I am here for a reason.
– Life doesn’t stop moving.
– Silence is golden, and if I’m not taking time each day to get silent, then I’m not learning or growing.
– We are all connected, and even though we are just a small speck, our impact is greater than we could ever imagine.

If you want to be big like the ocean, listen to your heart, do what you want to do, don’t worry about the opinions of others, let go of the past, have faith in a beautiful future, and do whatever it takes to learn to live your life in the present, because until you can arrive here, nothing else really matters.

I love you all 💚


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