Join me in a daily guided meditation challenge for 28 days!

Meditate For 28 Days

May 2020

This 28-Day Meditation Challenge is a fun and collective way to form one of the most healthy daily habits you can have for your mind, body, and spirit. Each day, Donny will go live at first thing on Facebook and Instagram introduce a new “word for the day”, guide a brief meditation, and end with inspiration and practical takeaways for the day ahead. The meditations will be available to access for 24 hours, so be sure to tune in to hear the word for the day before it expires!

The Rules

Daily Guided Meditations

Each day you will be able to tune in as Donny leads an inspirational meditation daily on Insta & Facebook

Challenge Calendar

By signing up you'll get a free printable calendar to follow along with the word of the day challenge.

Grow Your Brain

Become smarter, develop clarity, and improve your concentration and focus.

Build A New Habit

By meditating for 5mins each day for 28 days you can form new habits around your meditation practice.


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