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These 4 meditations are designed to help you live your life with more presence and purpose.

Our world is filled with so many distractions. In addition to that, our mind’s never seem to want to slow down. Therefore, it’s essential to have some type of practice where we pause, get quiet, move into stillness and reconnect to that calm presence within us!


The 4 meditations are simple, short and guided. Whether you’ve been meditating for a while, just getting started, or always wanted to start, this may be perfect for you!



The first meditation will help you focus the mind by focussing on your breath. When we steady the breath, we steady the mind. A calm breath creates a calm state of mind, which allows our body to relax and tap into a deeper presence.  Here ya go..

The second meditation is designed to help you with confidence. There is that inner critic inside of us all that often speaks up in forms of self-doubt. We often can get in our own way and get stuck in our heads. This will help you find confidence in any area of your life. Enjoy!

The third meditation is a way to find your way back home. They say “the home is where the heart is.” This meditation will help you anchor back into your body, into your heard and ground yourself into that calm center within.  When you are feeling frazzled or if life is getting a bit hectic, this when we need to pause, get still and come back into our bodies. Enjoy.

The last meditation is designed to move you beyond fear.  Fear can either freeze us or fuel us.  Learning how to work through fear and not get stuck is how we continue to evolve into our truth and purpose. FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real. Getting still, noticing and moving past the limitations of our mind is how we thrive! 

I hope you enjoy these meditations. If you want to learn more about mindfulness, meditation, yoga or my Personal Development Coaching Program “The Shift” click here and send me a message. 

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