Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

With all the attention given to “Mindfulness” these days, I want to remind you that it’s not some silver bullet that eliminates all the problems and stressors in your life. Mindfulness can’t eliminate the distractions, frustrating people and all the other things that steals our peace, but it can give us tools, techniques and practices to help us work through the stuff that gets in the way of us showing up as the best version of ourselves.


Whenever I coach or talk to somebody who’s made the commitment of integrating mindful practices into their lives, the phrase I often hear (and have said myself) is “LIFE CHANGING.”
And the most ironic thing about this is that:


“Nothing changes, yet everything changes.”


What I mean is that the transformation or “shift” happens within us. We can now respond more skillfully to the stressors, people and challenging situations in our lives. Nothing changed outside of us. What changed was our ability to control our internal response to what’s happening outside of us.


There is unbelievable strength in this place of emotional stability, which brings so much more peace and clarity into our lives.


Here is just a few of the ways mindfulness has changed my life (keep in mind that I have not mastered any of these, I’m just a heck of a lot better than I used to be in these areas):
1. Realizing that I am not my thoughts.


2. I don’t sweat the small stuff.


3. I have more gratitude and appreciation in my life


4. Learning the art of acceptance (controlling only what I can control)


5. Taking action on the things I actually can control


6. Using my breath to come back home to my body has kept me more present.
When we pay attention and practice mindfulness, we see beauty where we didn’t notice it before, we see growth and transformation where we used to be stuck, and we see the love that’s all around us, all the time!


Big Love,

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