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As a former Division 1 baseball player at the University of Nebraska and Arizona State University, Donny found the gift of yoga in 2005 by searching for pain relief after seven operations on his left knee and an addiction to pain killers. He started yoga to fix his body but little did he know what it would do for his mind and soul. In addition to teaching Vinyasa style classes across the greater Phoenix area, Donny is the official yoga instructor of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and works with professional athletes in the areas of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. You can also find Donny taking his teaching to studios and festivals across the country as an ambassador for Spiritual Gangster and Lululemon. With mindful guidance and love, he challenges each student while nourishing the body with breath awareness and clarity of alignment. Yet, his calm, focused instruction and peaceful energy makes even the most difficult positions accessible to everyone.

His love of music and unique ability to integrate songs into his teaching creates and overall experience sure to leave you connected, grounded, inspired, and aligned. He is passionate about taking the practice of yoga off the mat and sharing it with the world. Remind us that the only way we keep what we have is if we give it away.

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