“Presence Over Presents”

Happy Holidays!

Do you struggle being present around family during the holidays?
If so, here are five tips to help you give the gift of “presence” this holiday season…

1) LISTEN!! Listen with the intent to hear, not with the intent to respond.
2) PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN! When your phone has your attention, you are telling the other person that something else is more important than them!
3) STOP MULTI-TASKING!  It’s impossible to be fully present when you are doing something else.
4) GET CURIOUS! Invite in curiosity to your conversations. Ask about them. Resist talking about you!
5) GO DEEP! Get beyond the surface level talk by creating meaningful conversations. Meaningful relationships come from meaningful conversations, so treat every conversation like it could be your last!

Over this last year, so many people have been isolated and not had that human connection with those that matter most to them, therefore, this is your call to action to choose “presence over presents” this holiday season!

Big Love,

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