Racism Is A Pandemic

On June 1st 2020, I said that I would mute myself on social media, blogs and newsletters until June 7th. My intention was to amplify the black voices and leaders, and take to time to listen, reflect, unlearn and learn about what I didn’t know. Over the last week in silence, I was able to hear and see so much more than I ever had before.

Here’s a look into my experience:

The first thing that came up for me was feeling embarrassed as a white male. Are we really that asleep and ignorant to think that somebody is different because of the color of their skin?!?! Some of my closest friends in the world are black, so it’s never even crossed my mind to have a thought like this. However, that is also why I’ve been so blind to the inequality in our world. I also had no clue about how are system has negatively affected the lives of black human beings. So basically, my own beliefs, assumptions and past experiences have limited my perspective on this real pandemic of racism.

Another interesting experience for me this last week was the white people who told me what I “should” be doing, saying that “people listen to you and care what you have to say, and now is not the time to be silent.”

Clearly they weren’t listening to me though 🤔

And then, other white people saying they were going to mute themselves, yet, they couldn’t do it and felt the need to keep posting, even going as far as promoting their own brand and posting yoga poses‼️

I said I was going to do something, and therefore, it was so important for me to keep my word and follow through.

For those that couldn’t follow through on their word (swipe to the second pic). This isn’t to condemn, but to learn and grow, because that’s how we all keep moving forward.

The bottom line is that I have work to do, and the work will never stop for me.

In conclusion, I can no longer justify my actions, but more importantly, my NON-ACTIONS. I never thought I was part of the problem, but I was. So now I commit to becoming part of the solution, and being the change I want to see in the world ❤️




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1 thought on “Racism Is A Pandemic”

  1. Your spirit your selflessness the love you show pours out from your heart. Always.
    Keep doing that. You are an example of goodness and grace.
    That to me is our part as a race a human race to be a kind loving soul to all. Let others see that on us. While praying I ask God for me to show others He is in me. The past few weeks have made me much more alert to that and I need to dig deeper & show more love. To be the light.
    It has to be a priority.

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