Rise Up!

It’s the day after Easter, and here are my takeaways/inspiration from a special day each year that reminds us to “Rise Up.”

How do you overcome and move through a process of transformation?
I want to remind you that we all have the power to rise up when life knocks us down.
So, how do we do it?
Well, here are the 3 keys:

1. We have to die to the old to be born to the new.
We must let go of the negative thinking, old habits, fixed beliefs, and judgement in order to be born into a new awareness.

2. Listen to the inner silence.
In our loud, busy and noisy lives there doesn’t seem to be much room for silence. We must take time to get quiet! This is where we can listen and allow transformation to move through us, and the quieter we can get, the more we can hear. When we get caught up in the noise and distraction, we rob ourselves of tapping into our spiritual power, presence and gut wisdom/intuition.

3. Allow the best in our lives to come forward. 
There is more joy, passion, clarity and gratitude in the place. This is your truth, and whether you believe it or not, it’s your birthright! If we don’t tap into this space, we end up living cautiously and fearful, and up playing small!
We are meant to give life to our dreams, vision and purpose.
But remember… In order to truly rise up, we must get into action!

Rise Up!


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