Happy Easter Everyone!

Whether you choose to celebrate Easter or not, today offers all of us the opportunity to rise up to a higher version of ourselves.

To “RISE UP” means we first have to let go of the things keeping us down. So what keeps most of us down? Here are some of the most common: negative thoughts/beliefs, bad habits, negative influences/people, stress, a bad attitude, anxiety, resentments, expectations, an unwillingness to forgive, and self-sabotage. These all have a huge impact on our freedom. However, FEAR is the biggest one. When we live in fear, we kill our joy, peace, passion, and our purpose here on earth. This type of living also affects everybody else around us in a negative way.
We must be willing to walk through the fears keeping us down. The process of life requires challenge and will have setbacks. And the process of getting back up again from those challenges/setbacks and rising up, builds our strength, it teaches us who we are and brings more wisdom and passion into our lives.

Today is the day you can totally re-create yourself!  You must remember that this pandemic is not permanent. Nothing is permanent. You do have a choice. You can “rise” to create new beliefs, habits and actions to give your life more purpose and meaning. You can live life more boldly and fully. And when you show up in the world from this place of abundance and inspiration, you create a positive ripple effect for the rest of the world. Because when it all comes down to it, we rise by lifting others. But, we can’t lift others if we are not lifting ourselves up first!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to RISE UP!

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