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I offer a 90 day coaching program called, The Shift and am available to teach at retreats, festivals, and yoga studios.

Apply for my 90 Day Coaching Program to:


a sense of clarity about where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.


the #1 thing stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from the life you desire.


the essential building blocks for developing a powerful vision and the life of your dreams.


what foods and lifestyle habits are keeping you stuck and weighing your body down.
Get crystal clear on how to “make shift happen” and create a total transformation of mind, body & soul.
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“Donny helped me ease my mind in ways I could never imagine. I was able to deal with all that comes with a stressful life in the NFL. It started with taking one breath, from there I was able to control not only my thoughts but my feelings through proper breathing. He’s a diamond in the rough.”

– Tyrann Matheiu

“Donny has the most practical way of ushering in profound and life-changing mindfulness. His life tools inspire purposeful presence and exacting change. Donny is hands down one of my favorite and most soulfully celebrated teachers.”

– Brooke Boon, Founder Holy Yoga

“Donny Starkins is an abundantly mindful yoga instructor and life coach. His heart is pure, his path is clear and his personal impact has been monumental for many.”

– Robin Orscheln

“Donny’s love for yoga and passion for being of service to others is abundantly obvious in his inspired classes. He folds in the deeper dimensions of the physical practice inaccessible, clear ways that remind us that time on our mat is time to check IN, not check OUT. His heart is huge and he is simply pure joy to be around.”

– Gina Caputo, Instructor Skate Nao


Donny is a passionate Keynote Speaker talking on subjects such as “Why We Need Mindfulness In America” , “What Is Your Purpose” and ” How Sobriety Gave Me A Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams “

Donny’s turnaround of recovery and purpose has some of the biggest companies in the world asking him to share his story. 

Retreat Teacher

Donny leads multiple retreats of his own each year, and has also been hired to both create content and lead retreat experiences by some of the most prestigious resorts and destination locations in the world.

Check out “The Living Well Yoga Guru Series” at Kukui’ula in Kauai, Donny’s most recent creation, featured in Forbes.

Corporate Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher

Through Donny’s teachings your team will learn:

  • Skills for developing more focused attention and enhanced productivity
  • Enhanced capacity to manage problems in the face of change
    Increased focus and energy
  • Mindful techniques and yoga sequences to develop greater emotional and physical resilience
  • Mindful practices to bring more focus, awareness, and presence to everything you do inside and outside the workplace
  • Improved stress management with greater engagement at work

Festival Teacher

Wanderulst, Yoga Journal and Envision Festival in Costa Rica are just a few of the festivals Donny has presented at.

Check him out and register for free at Bryant Park in New York City on Sept 13th! Perfect your downward dog under the trees at our 16th season of outdoor yoga classes, presented by Kevita. Gaiam provides a colorful selection of mats for the first 1,000 participants

Personal Development Facilitator

Donny’s leads a variety of Personal Growth, Self-Development and Self-Love workshops across the country. With a focus on personal development and mindfulness, Donny is at his best when he’s facilitating and leading these powerful group experiences. Whether it’s in a corporate setting, for your staff/team or on a retreat, these workshops are sure to leave your group feeling inspired and on fire!

Studio Teacher

Donny teaches locally in Phoenix and Scottsdale at Modern Yoga, Moksha Yoga, and The Madison Improvement Club. He also guest teaches at studios all across the country. Donny most commonly teaches Vinyasa Flow, Phenomenal Flow, and Recovery Yoga, 

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