Shift from the head to the heart

Hey Tribe!

How do we shift from the head to the heart?

Here are 3 simple practices to make that #shift happen:

1) Stop trying and start flowing. 
Our heart doesn’t have to try hard. It just knows things intuitively. The more we try to “work things out” in our head, the more complicated things can get. We often tend to “try too hard” and force things that were never intended to happen. Or, we seek for love outside of ourselves, forgetting that all we will ever need is already inside of us. When we know and trust this, the seeking and trying stops, and the flow begins!

2) Develop presence 
In a state of presence, we are connected to our heart! This is where our mind and body are in the same place at the same time. Our heart is our home! Haven’t you heard the saying “home is where the heart is?”
Therefore, it’s the mind that causes all the stress and scattered feelings that creates this feeling of weakness inside of us. Focusing and developing a still mind is what cultivates presence. And this leads to inner peace, which ultimately gives us true power.

3) Acceptance is the key!
Accepting what is happening in the moment is one of the key components of mindfulness. Wanting the moment to be something that it’s not is where all of our stress comes from. Being stuck in past regret, or time traveling into the future, worrying about things that often never even happen, is a place of great stress because we are resisting what’s actually happening now. And whatever we resists persists, which will keep us stuck inside our heads.

The journey from the head to the heart can be a challenging one at times. Trusting the process does take courage, however, I guarantee it will be the most rewarding journey you will ever experience.

I’m encouraging you today to go “all in” on this journey. Because if you do, you will find that your heart is where your treasure lives-it is your home, and where your purpose is waiting to be discovered and uncovered!

Big Love,


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