The Shift to SELF-LOVE

Find more self-love, confidence and purpose in your life.

What is The Shift to SELF-LOVE?

The Shift to Self-Love is a “go at your own pace” course that is systematically designed to help you find more self-love, confidence and purpose in your life.

WhO is The Shift to SELF-LOVE FOR?

The Shift to Self-Love is for anyone who’s feeling depleted, tired, running on empty and always putting others before themselves. This course is also ideal for those struggling with self-confidence, self-image, depression and negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves.

If you’re tired of the way you’re thinking, feeling and living and ready to fill your own cup with powerful self-love practices, The Shift To Self-Love is answer for you!

Hi, I'm Donny.

I help people just like you find more self-love, confidence and purpose through my comprehensive course, The Shift to Self-Love.

I am a professional speaker, teacher and coach, leading classes, workshops and seminars all across the world, and everywhere I go there is one common theme: We don’t love ourselves enough. It comes up every single time, no matter where I’m at. So this is what has inspired me to create The Shift to Self-Love!

With an emphasis on mindfulness and self-kindness, I challenge each of my students to explore the things getting in the way of their own self-care and self-love practices. My calm, focused instruction and peaceful energy makes even the most difficult scenarios possible to work through. Let’s do this, and do it together!

The Shift to Self Love is for anybody who is ready to:

  • Identify and celebrate your unique strengths.
  • Let go of old labels and self-define who you are confidently.
  • Recognize what limiting negative beliefs you have and how they are holding you back.
  • Overcome negative life patterns and make empowered decisions about moving forward in life.
  • Consider what forgiveness means to you and how it can help you to feel more positive about life.
  • Start to engage with positive thinking in a way that works for you individually and will help you feel better about yourself and achieve more out of life.

How would it feel to…

  • Wake up feeling worthy, confident and enough?
  • Increase your peace, pleasure and intuition?
  • Step up and embody the highest possible version of you, living life with passion and purpose.
  • Stop people pleasing and start honoring your own desires and needs?
    Have the confidence to pursue your dream job, light up a room, or speak your truth?
  • Be authentically you without worrying what people think?
    Know everything you bring to the table – your unique natural gifts, talents and strengths.

I truly believe that self love is your birthright!

We all just need to learn how to practice loving ourselves, create new beliefs and own all of our greatness.

  • Self love is about learning tools to tame the negative critic in your head.
  • Self love is about nourishing your mind, body and soul every damn day.
  • Self love is about unlocking your potential and living your life’s purpose.
  • Self love is about no longer settling and finally feeling worthy and capable of your desires.
  • Self love is about boundaries, pleasure, authenticity, and making more time for your most important asset – you.

We can read all the books in the world, but true transformation occurs when we embody a new way of living and being.

You can expect to walk away with:

  • A totally fresh and new understanding of how to love and accept yourself.
  • The tools to step into the highest potential version of you.
  • Strategies to unleash your authenticity and confidence.
  • Meditation and yoga practices to open up your heart to receive more love.
  • The tools to change your mindset and beliefs.
  • Clarity and accountability around how you will commit to loving yourself moving forward

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