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"Donny and the program helped me see the positive in the people that have taunted me and caused me the most pain in my life. 17 sober months later I can honestly say all my relationships with people that use to trigger me are better."
"Through Donny‘s guidance and teachings, I have been able to find a way out of the vicious cycle of alcoholism that had buried me for many years."
"The program gave me a new blueprint/design for living. How to react and respond to work, colleagues, friends and/or family who use to easily trigger me want to excessively drink. I learned early on without peace and serenity I have no sobriety at all."
"The obsession and craving to drink is long gone and I live one day at a time instead of future tripping. Sometimes one hour or one minute at a time."
"The key part for me has been Donny’s emphasis on mindfulness and the importance of community. These two are now the foundation for my own sobriety, and I’ve never felt stronger!"

Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.

Now, imagine a life where you never have to use drugs or alcohol again.

A life without the shattered relationships and endless cycle of guilt and shame.


That is what’s in store for you through The Shift to Sobriety. You’ll gain true freedom, purpose and an invaluable community that understands where you’ve been and more importantly, where you can go

Have you tried to get sober and stay sober but nothing has worked?

What’s the impact this vicious cycle has had on your life?

I know firsthand, the devastating effects addiction has on every aspect of life.

I’m here to tell you that help is here and that you don’t need to suffer any longer.


Hi, I'm Donny.

I help people just like you get and stay sober through my comprehensive 90-day course, Shift to Sobriety.

I have many years of sobriety and have become a dynamic leader in my industry. I am a professional speaker, teacher and coach, leading classes, workshops and seminars all across the world.

With an emphasis on mindfulness, I challenge each of my students to explore the things getting in the way of their purpose. My calm, focused instruction and peaceful energy makes even the most difficult scenarios possible to work through.

What is The Shift to Sobriety?

The Shift to Sobriety is a 90-day online program that is systematically designed to get you sober, keep you sober and/or level up your life in sobriety.

Who is The Shift to Sobriety created for?

The Shift to Sobriety is for anyone who has had drugs, alcohol or any other addiction negatively affect and control their lives, from poor decision making and loss of purpose and direction in life, to sex addiction or any addiction that is making their life unmanageable.

If you’ve tried many different ways to get and stay sober (such as 12 step programs, rehabs, church, cold turkey, etc.) and nothing has worked, The Shift to Sobriety is the answer.

The Shift to Sobriety is for anyone who:

How the Shift to Sobriety will help you:

  • Get and stay sober with an online community.
  • Create and redesign your whole life. 
  • Break the cycle of addiction that’s causing pain and suffering in your life.
  • Be a stand for transformation.
  • Change your mindset and equip yourself with invaluable life skills and sobriety tools to build a solid foundation for the rest of your life.

Learn how service work is the key to freedom and selfish living. Find your purpose, eliminate the thoughts and stories causing the struggle in the first place, stay accountable, level up your sobriety and utilize yoga as the missing piece of the twelve steps because of the mind/body connection.

Ever heard the saying “our issues are in our tissues”?

This is because our body remembers everything, all of the guilt, shame, trauma and resentments. It’s in our bodies. Yoga allows us to move energy, which frees all the stuck energy and heaviness that weighs the body down. Using meditation practices helps to teach our mind to focus, be present and let go of the thoughts telling us we need to use drugs, drink alcohol or go to the one thing that’s controlling our lives.

Why choose the Shift
to Sobriety?

Because you only have one life. This may be your second, third or last chance at life.

What about the pain your struggles have caused others? Often this pain just creates more pain for us, which loops us right back into destructive patterns.

This program will help you find your purpose.

Your struggle could be part of your higher purpose. I know it was for me. My wound of addiction has given me an access point to a greater purpose in life. What used to bury me in guilt and shame has become my greatest asset today.

I can show you exactly how I did it. It all started with powerful mindset and mindfulness practices designed to help reframe the story I was telling myself.

This program will help you level up in every area of your life. Every relationship in your life will get better as because we will focus on the most important relationship you will ever have the one you have with yourself!

The Shift to Sobriety's
4 Key PIllars:

In addition, my price! You will not have to pay $30,000 like many rehab facilities charge these days.

What you can expect from The Shift to Sobriety:

  • Experience the powerful support of an online community of sober friends who will lift you up and keep you accountable. This is a place to listen and learn. Where else online can you get access to so many real-life experiences, and life-altering tips and techniques about what works and what doesn’t work in sobriety.
  • A program that is systematically designed to get sober, stay sober and/or level up your life in sobriety.
  • Mindfulness tools and practices to live life more focused, less stressed/,anxious and more present.
  • Powerful Personal Development exercises to get clear on your greater purpose in life.
  • 12-Step Recovery work that will benefit any faith, background or addiction.

Online help when you need it most.

Early recovery, especially right out of treatment can be a very vulnerable time to those trying to stay sober. Cravings and triggers can come on at anytime. When this happens we really need the support of others and attending a meeting isn’t always an option. So many people are addicted to technology, so why not use technology for what it was intended for to connect each other!

Saying goodbye to the shame.

Learning to Love Yourself.

Prevents isolation and loneliness through shared experiences, strength and hope.

Improve recovery rates through mentorship/sponsorship.

A “no judgement” zone where the focus is on honesty, fellowship and a sincere willingness to help each other.

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