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what foods and lifestyle habits are keeping you stuck and weighing your body down.
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We were 15 games into the baseball season

of my senior year at Arizona State University and the direction of my life was about to change in a dramatic way. Throughout my entire baseball career, I had multiple operations on my left knee and always found a way to come back and play through the pain. However, this fifth surgery I was about to have, which was a cadaver transplant of my meniscus, would forever end my dream of being a professional ball player.

I share this story with you because it is the inspiration behind “The Shift,” and why I’m on a mission to help others find their purpose. You see, I thought my purpose and identity on this earth was to be a baseball player. But when one day that was taken away from me, I had no other plan or purpose. I was stuck in the emotional and physical pain of losing the only thing I ever really knew. This led me a down a path of addiction and “purposeless” living for many years.

Today, I’m over 5 years sober

and have found a freedom I never knew was possible. Through a ton of self-development, therapy, yoga, meditation and committing to a life of service, I’ve been able to completely “shift” my life. My past has become my best asset, and my wound has become my purpose! From a willingness to do the work, I uncovered what was stopping me from living the highest version of myself and got crystal clear on a step by step plan to create a total transformation and the ultimate “shift” in my life.

This is where my passion and inspiration comes from. This type of work saved my life, which is why I’m so excited to share it with all of you!

The Why

Somewhere in your life, you feel stuck. You’ve tried everything but nothing has seemed to work (or at least long-term).

When this happens, we tend to default to our set habits and fixed beliefs, even when we know those habits make us feel lousy.

Furthermore, most coaches are certified in fitness, nutrition, and wellness and know a ton of information about those areas, but they lack the understanding, knowledge, and intuition to help a person actually make behavior changes that last a lifetime!

The Solution

That’s where I come in – and I’m ready to provide something different that truly gets to the root of the problem and that really works!

Being a Certified Transformational Coach in Behavior Change from the Health Coach Institute, I will provide a PROVEN METHOD customized SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU that is easy & fun to follow, that will help you to begin making the behavior changes that you want to make in the area of life you are struggling with – whether it’s your nutrition, fitness, spiritual wellness, or life in general – they’re all connected and we will hit each area at some point along your journey so that you learn how to keep them all in balance, not just temporarily – but for life!

I have the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY for you so that you can finally “make shift happen” and achieve the transformation you desire.

“Donny helped me ease my mind in ways I could never imagine. I was able to deal with all that comes with a stressful life in the NFL. It started with taking one breath, from there I was able to control not only my thoughts but my feelings through proper breathing. He’s a diamond in the rough.”

– Tyrann Matheiu, NFL Defensive Back.

“Donny has the most practical way of ushering in profound and life-changing mindfulness. His life tools inspire purposeful presence and exacting change. Donny is hands down one of my favorite and most soulfully celebrated teachers.”

– Brooke Boon, Founder Holy Yoga

“Donny Starkins is an abundantly mindful yoga instructor and life coach. His heart is pure, his path is clear and his personal impact has been monumental for many.”

– Robin Orscheln

“Donny’s love for yoga and passion for being of service to others is abundantly obvious in his inspired classes. He folds in the deeper dimensions of the physical practice inaccessible, clear ways that remind us that time on our mat is time to check IN, not check OUT. His heart is huge and he is simply pure joy to be around.”

– Gina Caputo, Instructor Skate Nao

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