Transformation Tuesday – BE THE CHANGE!

Change happens from the inside-out!

If we want to change the way we’re living, we have to change the way we’re thinking.
To change the way we’re thinking, we have to watch our thoughts.
To watch our thoughts, we have to get quiet enough to notice them.
This is the gift of meditation!

We only have control over ourselves, but our influence and reach is way bigger than we may realize. A positive change on our part often leads to a positive change around us. It’s all comes back to the “law of karma.”
You get what you give!

So when we act in ways beneficial to ourselves and others, we inspire those around us to take similar action. And, when we can control our thoughts and all the negative emotions that come with it, we cannot be negatively affected by anything outside of us. This is how we create a positive ripple effect that can change the world!

If it’s change you are wanting to see in your life, the first step is to look in the mirror and ask “how can I be the change I’m wanting to see?”

The process ALWAYS starts within!

Big Love,


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