Transformation Tuesday: “Listen Up”

Hey Tribe!


Here’s some inspiration around the skill of listening…


Creating deeper and more meaningful relationships with the people around us is a very important skill! And it’s something we all could use work on. I know I can get better for sure! And the key to creating deeper relationships is listening.
When talking about listening, we want to think about listening “to hear” or listening to understand, as oppose to listening to talk. When we are in conversation, many of us are looking to see where we can add value to the conversation by giving our input or advice.


I want to encourage you to try a different approach. Let the conversation become a deep dive into the other persons thoughts, emotions and experiences. Listen to what they are saying, pay attention and figure out what want you want to know more about what they are telling you. Make the conversation about them. And then when the flow changes, let it come back to you in a natural way. Share a little, but rather than telling them your experiences on top of theirs, just ask them more questions!


This is how we show genuine interest in others. People want to talk about these deeper aspects of themselves. And when you show this level of interest, you allow them to feel much more comfortable around you, and you will also be more comfortable around them. This is how we get beyond so many of those surface level relationships we have!


True connection is all about being present!  Give it a try. You will be amazed at how much deeper your relationships become!


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