What Are You Running From?

Most of us spend our lives at the surface, buzzing around the world, working in endless circles. We move from place to place, from person to person, searching for fulfillment and happiness outside ourselves. We put most of our focus and attention on outcomes, and we waste so much time chasing after them until we are ready to move to the next one. We get caught in this same loop when it comes to relationships too!
How would things be different if you knew that everything you were searching for was already inside of you?

So why are we constantly getting caught in this loop of seeking outside of ourselves? I believe it has to do with our inability to be with ourselves. We avoid spending time in solitude because we don’t want to feel our pain, our feelings, our sensitivities and anything else we’ve been running from, and most times it’s because we are afraid of what we might see. We distract ourselves and numb out because we have not fully learned to love ourselves and are at a loss for how to sit in meditation and actually find comfort in the discomfort.
Mindfulness teaches us that in order to heal we have to feel. And even though these feelings may be uncomfortable, and often painful, we have to remember that the only we get through it is to go through it!

I’m sharing this with you because I believe the most important thing that will ever matter in life is the world you carry around inside of you. And the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself!

Meditation and solitude allow us to quiet the noise and eliminate the outer distractions that all too often prevent us from hearing the calling of our heart. So instead of leaving our bodies, we can love our bodies.
And the first step in any of this work is ALWAYS to “go within.”


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