Why We Need Mindfulness

Many people go their whole lives with zero relationships to the ONE Thing that gives them life: The BREATH!

What if I told that learning how to breathe the right way, would teach us how to think the right way, which would ultimately allow us to live a life of passion, and purpose, crushing our goals, and leaving a legacy beyond our wildest dreams?

Mindfulness defined is “paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, without judgment.” It’s this “ancient” practice that has profound relevance for our present-day lives.

So why do we need mindfulness?

1) We are really distracted.

Research tells us that we spend 1/2 our time with a wandering mind, which means were are not present 1/2 of every single day! That means we are literally missing out on 1/2 our life!

And the consequences of the mind wandering are not just careless mistakes, misplaced objects and lost productivity. This type of distraction impacts our happiness, our thriving and affects everybody else around us.

2) We are really stressed out.

What exactly is stress? It’s wanting the moment to be something that it’s not. Which if you think about it actually really insane! All of our stress comes from living in the past (stuck in memories) or time-traveling into the future (trying to predict things that haven’t happened yet). Studies have proven that we Americans are breaking records for the levels of stress and anxiety reported in our country, with one and every four Americans reporting extreme stress. Stress and anxiety are taking a massive toll on our country! We’ve basically become victims from the fear, stress, and anxiety of our fast-paced world.

I think part of the problem is that we’ve never really been taught how to manage our stress. I know I certainly wasn’t taught this in school. What mindfulness does is give us a powerful set of techniques and practices that help us manage all the stressors being thrown at us on a daily basis. Mindfulness can’t eliminate the stressors from our lives. Nothing can. But it can equip us with a set of tools that will help us meet the demands of our lives.

So, how do we develop the tools? We have to practice!

We are all sitting on a toolbox fully equipped with everything we’ll ever need to leave a legacy of greatness. It’s up to us to get off our butt’s and use the tools. The tools only work if we use them. This is how we practice every single day!

My hope is that all of you will take time each day to slow down, breathe, be present and practice mindfulness. Because what we practice will grow stronger!

Big Love,


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